Do you need a 'flying camera'?

At AeroMedia we understand that everyone has a story to tell. We ensure you get the right shot to bring your story to life.

AeroMedia’s premium services include:
TV & Film
Promotional Videos
Online Content
Marketing Events
Showcasing Products
Corporate Events



Create more distinctive shots

AeroMedia allows for more agile filmmaking by capturing new perspectives of the action with shots that couldn’t previously be done. Our fleet of both small and large multirotors give you the ability to obtain various angles simultaneously. With new levels of creativity drop into narrow spaces, through windows and doors…

We collaborate with directors and cinematographers

Because we understand that all our clients have unique needs, we also offer a quick and practical training course to provide your camera operator the opportunity to have full control of the gimbal allowing them to frame that special shot.

Use state of the art UAVs

Our state of the art flight platforms guarantee you get a clear and stable shot in even the most challenging conditions. Priding ourselves on quality and performance means that we offer you the best in cinematography. Our X3 can provide you with ultra high-definition 4K image quality with the option of capturing up to 96 fps in 1080p that will automatically conform to lovely slow-motion at 25 fps, without the aid of special software.

Do you have a story to bring to life?

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