Aerial Asset Inspection

Traditionally asset inspection has been labor intensive, time consuming, high-risk, expensive or all of the above. Drone technology replaces the need for cherry-pickers and scaffolding to assess infrastructure.

Managing and maintaining your infrastructure with AeroMedia’s aerial stills and HD video will save you time, money and reduce safety risks.

Get accurate and consistent data

AeroMedia’s drones will supply you with accurate and consistent data from hard-to-reach places. By tagging images with the date, time and spatial coordinates you can quickly return to anomalies and rectify them. The data can also be used future planning.

Save time through efficiency

You are able to see footage on site through our live video stream meaning you can access high quality data quickly, identify anomalies and rectify them faster. We work in real time alongside you on site with high resolution imagery and video available to download minutes after landing.

Track project milestones

More effectively identify contractor progress and track project milestones with before, during and after shots of your project. AeroMedia will impress contractors, sponsors and backers.

Improve internal project communication

By using drone media to track milestones it puts impetus on stakeholders to be transparent and accountable with their productivity. If you have a comprehensively documented before stage of your project, with a digital trail discrepancies and communication breakdowns are eliminated.

Employ AeroMedia as part of your risk management strategy

Identify anomalies of buildings before stepping foot on the property. If you have infrastructure in areas that are hazardous, AeroMedia eliminates the need to send personnel into these areas for assessments.

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